Saturday, August 13, 2011

When? Where? Questions, questions, questions!!

The moment you get engaged, you are flooded with questions from family, friends, and people who you haven't talked to in years that just...come out of the woodwork! What's the date? Where's the venue? What does your dress look like? So many questions! Lucky for Matt and I, we've been to enough weddings that we had a "general" idea of what we wanted. So, here are my answers, at least the ones we have so far:

When: April 28, 2012
Colors: Teal and Green (Black and Ivory)....hence the blog :)
Where: The Cliff Lodge at Snowbird Resort (beautiful ski resort, and only twenty min. from my house!)
What dress: Well, it's chosen, but shhhh, it's secret! ;)
Whose the photographer: James Erick Photography - we're getting our engagements taken next week, I'm soooooo excited!!

Not much decided yet, I gotta get movin' on stuff! My current project is invitations....a little early you say? Well see, I'm making our invitations, so I thought I better get designing and ordering the least! I've designed a monogram for us, and I'll be finalizing the "trial run" invitation and ordering paper this week. At least, that's the plan at the moment! I'm hoping that the invitations will set the theme for the wedding decor, which I've also decided to do myself. Haha, we'll see how it goes....lord.
I'll post soon with monogram pics and instructions. :) 'Til then!

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