Sunday, August 14, 2011


Pocketfolds....who knew something soooo simple could be sooo hard (and expensive) to come by? I hadn't heard of these before a week ago. Well okay, I've SEEN them, but I had no clue what they were called, if anything. Turns out? Oh yes, these lil' buggers have a name, and they are crazy expensive to buy! Whew!
I looked at a couple of tutorials trying to find different places to order them. But, in the end, I've decided to make mine for our invitations. Yup, I'm crazy.  But we have a lot of time before the wedding, so I figure if I tackle a few here, a few there, it will be fine. *deep breath* :) Here's a picture of the trial run invite I made this week (don't judge too much, it's a rough draft). Also, please forgive the color distortion, I just quickly took these and the lighting was horrible:
The belly band will have our monogram on it for the
finished's a work in progress :)

Inside. The stuff that isn't done: the invite part will be landscape there will be several insert cards.

Dry embossing. Love. :)

Fifth Avenue Floral stamp set by Stampin' Up! Sooo cute!

I have an embossing machine I will use for the rose on the end of the pocketfold. And, after much deliberation, I've decided to print the actual invitation card landscape instead of portrait orientation (so basically, it will read sideways). That was my mom's input: it will make the card more uniform since the RSVP and the other insert were printed that way. 
Anywho, I've decided to order the paper online from  They've given me a great quote on some metallic black paper, so that's the one I'm going with.  I'm putting in an order this week, so hopefully it will come soon, and then I'll post a tutorial with measurements, instructions, and pictures of the pocketfolds!


  1. Your invite is lovely! Trying to follow you from SC, but i cant find the followers button. My computer died, so i'm using my Nook. That could be why i cannot see it. Anyhow, stop on by sometime!

  2. Very pretty! Love your blog! Good luck with the wedding! :) I am your newest follower from Stampin Connection. :)