Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And how was your weekend?

This last weekend, well, kinda blew by. Wait no, REALLY blew by! I preface this story with, yes, this is wedding related. My dad is a general contractor (the best in the world!!) and he was commissioned last fall to build a greek monument in the International Peace Gardens here in Salt Lake City. Matt got involved and has been helping build it since then. This last month or so, they've really REALLY been working to get it finished.  I was volunteered to help with the first layer of mud on the sculpture last month (messy, but fun!).
They've been painting and sculpting non-stop and this last weekend was the last phase. Matt coerced me on Saturday to come help with the final two coats of stucco on the "lid" part. I was put to work piping stucco onto the lid...and when I say piping, I mean I broke out the cake decor set and went to town! :)
My dad wanted it to look like ruins so there was a specific technique involved. We, and I mean the entire family, spent the day doing that (haha, I'm a stuccoer now...or stuccoist, stuccoette, stuccoess, meh, I dunno!).
Sunday was the day they FINALLY transported it across Salt Lake valley and onto the pillars that were already in place. I went down earlier with Mom, thinking we would watch as they moved it, but seriously, I think I have gray hairs from the stress of it! We couldn't help with it, soooo, we left. It was VERY unerving to watch it teter and groan under the strain, yikes! Matt called me once it was lifted and Mom and I went back down there to take some pictures for dad....and for us all. I LOVE the way they all turned out! My dad is AMAZING at this stuff, and it turned out soooooo beautiful. The coolest part of the story for me, is next week, Matt and I are getting our engagements taken there. I'm so glad I'll have pictures of this work of art my dad and Matt created!

The crew, hard at work. (Matt, my brother Alex, and Dad)

Close-up of the texture...

Isn't it pretty???

Officially: The first engaged couple to take a picture in front of it. 
Funny, there were already TWO brides that afternoon who were
waiting for us to finish and leave so they could get pics in front of it.


The crew

My favorite! The crew, aaaand the help. :)

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