Saturday, August 13, 2011

Monogram: How-to

This last week I created a monogram for Matt and I. I've seen several versions of this online, so this is just kind of updated tutorial. :) Here's a picture of the finished product:
Not too bad, eh? I liked the way it turned out, pretty good I think. For this, I used a simple font for the M and Kuntsler script for the A. First things first, this requires a photoshop program.  The one I used is Adobe Photoshop Elements, not sure what version. Open a new project, and I made mine about 4 x 4 inches (I ended up cropping it quite a bit). Make sure the background is set to transparent. Open a text box, select the font, and type in one letter, doesn't matter which one. Open another text box (this will open another layer) and type the other letter. Then, move one over the other, positioned the way you like. Once the image looks good, select the eyedropper option and pick up the color of one letter. Then, using the paintbrush, paint over certain areas where the letters intersect. This will make the letters intertwined. :) Once you've completed that, open a third text box and type in your first names and the date of the wedding. That's it! Not much to it! Make sure to save it in PSD form not JPG, this is important to keep the graphic quality. 


  1. So exciting! I'm so glad you're blogging all of this so I can follow along even though I'm living in another state now. I'm sure everything will be absolutely wonderful. Congratulations again and best wishes on all the planning!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment! It should be fun, and hopefully people will want to read what I write! :)